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Perinov & Sons EOOD was established in 1992 by Evgeniy Stoynov Perinov as a company specialized in the construction, design and investment sector.

In the years of strong competition in Varna district, team work, respectability and high responsibility towards our customers’ needs approved us as professionals with two first prizes awarded at the regional competition Golden Plummet organized by the Bulgarian Builders’ Chamber, and namely in 2011 – first prize in category One-Family Buildings for the building The Old Plovdiv located in Rakitnika area (the house built in the style of the Old City of Plovdiv is with unique wood-carving typical for the Bulgarian national revival period and everything in it is handmade) and in 2012 – first prize in category Holiday Complexes for Amaranth Residence built in resort complex St. St. Constantine and Elena.

The buildings constructed by Perinov & Sons EOOD are unique as they are built in harmony with the nature. A living proof is the one-of-a-kind house built on a rock. An open cave is exhibited in the living room of that house, and one part of the rock enters the bedroom on the second floor.

The company, as investor and contractor, has established its own program aiming to collect the masterworks of the Bulgarian construction and architecture during the years.

Perinov & Sons EOOD is member of the Bulgarian Builders’ Chamber (category I – V) from its very beginning. The company avails of highly qualified specialists for all stages of the construction process and cooperates with suppliers and subcontractors proven in the industry.


He was born in 1954 in Sliven. His father has been a builder by education and by trade and he was the person passing on the love to construction to his son and marking the beginning of his future vocation.

The family has a rich history connected with the name of the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski. The family company and the family have their own emblematic sign, and namely arms with a lion’s head. The first family silver coin with the lion was stamped in the Bulgarian Mint in 2004. Since then, a tradition was set up, to build in one coin in each building constructed by the family company.

Perinov’s first steps in the construction date from his schooling years, when he catched fire from his father who used to work in the company Patni stroezhi (Road Constructions), Shumen. Every year, in the course of one month, the young Perinov took up the appointment of an attendant (wearing the measuring tool).

He gathered his professional experience working for construction companies in Varna and Burgas, sharing that he has always have the luck to work with big professionals, learning and taking a lot from them. He uses the learnt in his construction practice, by bending it through his own professional prism. The professional qualities of the young builder were noticed also by the Ministry of Defence where he used to work in the course of 15 years.



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