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In the construction of residential buildings and closed-type complexes, we see the increasing need for subsequent maintenance. Therefore, over time, we created a department that deals with the management of the buildings constructed by us.

The provided follow-up service and management became the one of the main drivers upon purchase of properties. One of our advantages is that, still at the design and development stage, we can analyze and select the most effective solutions for optimization of the follow-up operation costs.

The clients who have preferred homes with provided management and maintenance, feel peace and comfort that there is someone to take care of everything. Our objective is to keep the value of their investment for as long as possible, therefore we maintain our buildings at the necessary level.

Our follow-up services include but are not limited to the following:
• Reconstruction of existing buildings /once the constructive plan, conformed to the client’s wishes, has been elaborated by a qualified constructor/;
• Complete or partial renovation of properties’ interior, facade or adjacent parts;
• Emergency and sanitary repair;
• Maintenance of:
→ the residential premises and their adjacent parts clean;
→ the common recreation and green areas;
→ the good working order of the technical equipment /lifts, swimming pool systems, unit access systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting systems, irrigation systems, waste composting systems, etc./;
• Storage of documents, presentation before institutions and suppliers of electricity, water and other services and payment of the sums payable to them /after presentation of a power of attorney signed by the property owner/, etc.